Torque Pro APK

Torque pro APK is a scanner and car diagnoses application that connect your mobile phone with EMC engine management system via CBO II Bluetooth adapter. CBO II adapter is like a bridge which helps to communicate between vehicle electronic control system and your mobile device. There are generally three ways to connect OBD II with your device. Via Bluetooth only android devices can connect with OBD, second BLE (Bluetooth low energy) is a way by which IOS and Bluetooth both devices can be connect, third and lost connectivity method is WIFI by help of this we can also connect IOS and Bluetooth devices with OBD. Adapter is plugged in to the OBD onboard diagnostic port of car to check performance, resetting codes, check sensor data and performing customized setting in car.

Features of Torque Pro APK

There are following features which are available in this application.

  • Torque pro APK can read your vehicle temperature
  • It can useful to detect horsepower and dynamometer
  • You can detect your speed by torque pro APK.
  • You can detect CO2 emissions.
  • You can easily customize profiles and dashboard via torque pro APK
  • By connecting track recording with OBDll data, you can easily record video of your journey
  • Latest and amazing feature of torque pro APK is that if you are on tour by using this app automatically tweets will be shared on tweeter in which GPS will be tagged.
  • Fault codes are readable now by the help of torque pro APK
  • There are multiple themes are available in torque pro APK by with help of it you can easily change the theme of dashboard.
  • Logging information can be shared any place on internet in the form of excel sheet and KML sheet form.
  • In night timing torque provides Head up display HUD. That helps to drive bitterly in night timing.
  • A compass is available in application that based on GPS. It is not affected by magnetic rays.
  • In those vehicles which support MAF and MAP sensors, a turbo option is available.
  • Data is designed graphically to better understanding.
  • There are alarm and warnings are available in application if temperature goes up and in some other alarming situations.
  • Some social apps are connected with torque pro APK. You can share screenshots and other data on twitter, Facebook and Google plus.
  • Torque pro APK is supported to run on Samsung tabs, Motorola XOOM and Dell Streak.
  • GPS speedometer is useable in torque pro APK. You can check any time that what was you doing and what was engine doing at some specific time period.
  • Torque pro APK provides API support to third parties.
  • There is car doc support available in the application.
  • MPG is also available in this application.

Torque Pro Mod APK

Mod APK is available in torque pro. There are following features are available in Mod version.

  • All locked features are unlocked in Mod APK version
  • In torque pro APK ads shown while in Mod APK ads are removed.

Why use Torque Pro APK?

Torque pro OBD 2 & Car is very beneficial for customer which are not use to with technicalities of computer car system. This application will provide them an opportunity to get in deep of their car system. They can easily monitor and process what is happening in car system. Easy monitoring is a useful and most important feature of torque pro APK. Customers can easily get reports, error codes, can find issues, monitor performance and analyze the overall infrastructure of car system. You can easily monitor timely and other manners of car. Better accuracy, customization of program, hosting to some other features and versatility are the most important and most attractive feature of the application. Torque pro is combination of some social applications API. Torque pro can tweet automatically on twitter. There are different themes to show on your dashboard. You can easily change the theme of your dashboard. It provides cool feeling to change the look of your dashboard. Also Heads up display is available in application for night time driving. It provides help to avoid any incontinence during night driving. GPS compass is also available to show you direction. Magnetic raise are not effectible on compass.

New Features in Latest Torque Pro APK

There are some new features added in new version of torque pro.

  • There were some bugs in last version of torque pro. In this version all old bugs are fixed and almost this version is bug free.
  • In this version Bluetooth option is available, Bluetooth option is updated in this version.
  • There are new icons available in latest version. On screen new icons updated.
  • Battery level can be added in android device if customer wants.
  • ECU’s and some other complaints are fixed in this latest version of torque pro APK.

There is lot of latest and extra functions are added in newer version of torque APK. This version is loaded with some beneficial updates and features. Database of faulty codes, multiple themes, logging information, real values of database and many more of car can analysis by torque pro new versions. The main logical thing in this application is that customers and users of this application are very much satisfied and happy by using torque pro. Night mode skills of driving function is also available to make it more attractive and useful.

Download Torque Pro APK Latest Version

This application works on only those vehicles which support OBD 2. Torque pro supports all vehicle build from 1996 having OBD 2 standard. Engine bay can be seen having label with OBD standards. This application is very beneficial at real time users. You can enjoy this application by clicking Download button at the end of this article. There are some companies are mentioned bellow which support to run this car on their vehicles.

  • Toyota supports to use torque pro
  • Honda is also supporting this application
  • Different models of Nissan and KIA are also supportive
  • Some expensive cars Audi, BMW are also from the list of those companies in which torque pro APK is supportive
  • Versions of JEEPs are also available to support it
  • Hyundai, Volkswagen, Subaru are also supportive
  • Some middle cost categories of companies like Mazda, Lexus, Ford and some other companies also supported this application to analyze and check the condition, performance and issue occur in computer system of your cars.

For using this application customer’s only need is Bluetooth OBD 2 adapter. This device is very small size and it helps to connect your car with your mobile device. This application usage is very simple and easy to understand. Designing of torque pro is very much user friendly. This application is also safe and secure to use. Here we will share some models of Bluetooth OBD 2 adapters. OBD key, Scantool and ELM327 are at top list from these devices. You can take from one of these adapters to use this application.  


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