Download Textra Pro APK v4.28 Mod (Premium)

Textra pro APK is a latest and interesting version of Messaging application. Conventional or built in messaging application is very simple and features less, inserted in android as a default messaging app. Android is basically an open source operating system available for all developers to use in android market. Due to open source operating system any other application can intervene in other basic applications of system.

Textra Pro APK can change the simple mobile messaging application. Textra pro APK is very interesting due to many interesting features in it. Now you can enjoy your chats and messaging by selecting default messaging app to textra on the place of built in messaging app.

There are many other applications which are available for messaging but textra Pro APK is a trusted, well designed, secure and most downloaded chatting app on play store. There are more than 10 million downloads having 4.5 rating out of 5 this chatting app is showing that how much it is interesting.

Amazing Features of Textra Pro APK

There are some shining features of textra which makes it most popular messaging application.

Interface of Textra Pro APK

Textra Pro APK is well designed by using flat designing scheme in this application. Due to flat designing scheme it is very easy to use and you can enjoy the features in different forms. A major issue Textra developers tackle that now you can answer the text without any difficulty without entering in messaging application.

In simple and conventional messaging app a notification is appeared in notification bar. While in textra Pro APK a small size window is pop up having sender name and image, text message and an answer space  in form of edit text. You can easily move that window by swiping or touching that application anywhere on the screen. You can enter in last chat section by clicking on that pop up window.

Another thing that makes its design more popular is color scheming of application. You can select any color from hundreds of colors available in textra pro APK setting portion. The interface is the first interaction in between system and human. If interface is not easy to use and complex than application may goes toward failure. Success and failure of any application depends on the design of interface. Textra successful story is also based on the user friendly design of it.

Bubble View

There are different types of styles to wrap text in application. Text which you will send or receive in message form will look into the styles of bubble view. There are almost two dozens of bubble style views are available to style your text.

Color Customization

As we mention above there are many different colors which are available in textra. By help of these colors you can decorate your application. You can change background of your application with more than 200 colors. You cannot only change the color of background, you can change text color, you can change bubble view and many more others even bars.

Emoji in Textra Pro APK

Emoticons are very important and mandatory in between conversation now days. Emoji helps to define your feelings without say any word. There are different types of almost 2000 emojis available in textra.

In these emoji there are happy, sad, irritating, smile, crying and laughing emoji. There are some other things are also available like animal icons, vegetable icons, clothes, flags, sun, moon, stars and many more are included. If more icons are needed, different types of icon packets are available on store. Just download and use them. These packets are not installed in app due to save memory.

Reminder Scheduling in Textra pro APK

Some time we forget to send our important messages but we forgot. Now this issue is no more. Textra pro APK provides its solution that we can schedule our messages by date, day and time. Textra will remind us before half hour to send text. This feature makes it more superior than other messaging apps. You can use this feature by selecting schedule feature from toolbar that will appear in the bottom of screen.

There are some other important features in textra which makes it superior from other apps. Textra provides multiple media support. You can send audio messages and video messages; You can send MMS along with SMS. Sometime due to out of credit or some network issue message not send successfully. Textra provide back alert if message is not sent. Also, informed about successful alert if system successfully delivered messages.  

More Features

Old android messaging applications really irritate while we use them. Those apps really Sucks! What is best now? This is the question. Now present, Textra pro APK which is technically strong and graphically user friendly application in market. With getting high level ranking and almost ten million downloads textra is one of leading application in messaging apps world. Textra is basically a multiple media messaging app.

It includes audio and video, image and icon, SMS and MMS applications. These things make it superior as well. If we talk about graphically representation of application, textra is most attractive by adopting material design feature in application. Material designing is latest designing technique which developers are adopting in development now days. Material designing was presented from Google Inc.

Textra have more than 200 colors to design screen, bubbles, buttons and many more options to decorate. Textra pro APK is fast and responsive application. It includes many other options which help this app to indicate prior in between messaging apps.

This app is top ranked due to having more than 100 material design themes, light and dark mode, changing of bubble and other icons, buttons color, deleting messages by swiping on list, notifications are designed as were lollipop version, SMS and MMS are scheduled proper, a camera icon button that is used for capture image, button to click and select images, response is quick and showed on bubble interface, having facility of sending group MMS to people, receiving quick audio notes and many more are included.

Another major feature is SMS blocking. Sometime we feel irritate by getting SMS from some unknown source or some commercial messages from different companies. Textra pro APK provides this facility as we can block that number in our application.

Download Textra Pro APK v4.28 Mod


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