Moviebox APK v6.4

Moviebox APK is android based entertainment application with simple and attractive interface. Moviebox provides TV shows, Movies, News and trailers of upcoming movies free of cost. There are different categories of each section like movies, TV shows and News. User can easily get what he/she wants to find. Most interesting thing is that you can easily get this application from and use it without paying any cost. You did not need to root your device or crack any application to run this application.

This is full free, only you need to install and sign up your account. Then you can enjoy this application without any hurdle. Moviebox APK is very simple and excellent performance application. This is one of the top best movies applications available      on internet. Moviebox APK Pro is also available with some extra features. You can enjoy offline movies in pro version. Everyone wants to spend time having entertainment normally.

Moviebox is top best free movies application that provides software to run on different platforms like android, iPhone, Mac book and PC. Having simple and attractive interface this application is much better among all other entertainment applications. 

New and latest movies are available in this application. You can enjoy your favorite movies collection, latest news and TV series. Performance of application is much better as compared to other applications.

It works fast, efficient and effectively. By using this application now it is very easy to watch and download movies and other TV shows any time. Some people face trouble during search movies on internet. Some time they feel irritation when they did not get what they want. For solution of this issue Moviebox provides a platform to watch and download your favorite movies from thousands of movies.

Installation Method of Moviebox APK

There are some steps you need to follow to enjoy this amazing application.

  • Click bellow download Moviebox APK button and wait for completion.
  • When download is completed, click to install it in your device.
  • Application will start for installing > activate or allow unknown source installation
  • Then wait for completion of installation
  • Application will open with login and sign up page.
  • Insert Google account to open application
  • If you are trying it first time then it will ask for activation code

How to get activation code

Activation code is mandatory at first time login. Following are the steps to get activation code.

  • Send an email from your Gmail address to Moviebox team at support[at] for activation code.
  • Kindly wait until team respond you or send you activation code. It can take some hours due to huge load of activation requests.
  • When respond received from team then you will see that activation code will be there.
  • Insert your code in application and get in app to entertain yourself by thousands of amazing and interesting movies.

Instructions related to Activation code

There are some instructions written bellows which need to full fill by users. Please read and carefully follow.

  • Invitation send by Movie box team is not publically shareable. Try to avoid code by sharing publically or on internet. This invitation is limited and valid only for you and your family members. Although you can run application on multiple devices by using same invitation.
  • There are no multiple codes for same email. Only single activation code will be sent for single email. Don’t lose code when you receive it.
  • There are chances of that may you not receive activation code. In this situation you need to completely remove application from your smart device and again install it. After installation again apply for activation code from your Gmail id.

Features of Moviebox APK

There are some features of moviebox discussed here for better understanding. As moviebox is most famous and amazing app now days. Moviebox team is continues updating its version and putting some excited and amazing features day by day. In moviebox 6.6 version there are some new features are introduced which are discuss below.

  • Fix Downloaded TV shows as you know this app is an amazing due to his unique features. It simply provides you a fixed download the TV shows. Once you download the TV shows, it will not delete itself until you delete this. You can enjoy the downloaded TV show longer.
  • Fix Selected Subtitles this is another unique feature that casted subtitles are not change or select anymore. Once they fixed it’s never changed or selected the TV shows.
  • Fix Speed Test this application is also fixing the speed inaccuracy. If there are any speed issues or inaccuracy in playing the TV shows, it will be tested itself or make the TV shows speed best for their user.
  • Fix Crash Bug if there is any bug crash occur, it will resolve these crash bugs or fixed them for further uses. It is most useful feature because everyone wants such apps which can fix such crash bugs itself.  

Moviebox FAQs

How to download Moviebox APK on android?

It is very easy to download or installed on the android devices. You can easily download from the Google Play store or website which link is given in above. You can also download it for your android cells or tablets or as well as Windows mobile or PC devices.

Is Moviebox APK safe?

Everyone wants such apps which are totally secured or safe. This is the right platform for android users because this is 100% safe and easily useable on every android device. This application is free from ads, malware, as well as virus free. There is no any kind of virus in it. You can use this application without any hesitation. It is really an amazing or unique application for android users.

How to update Moviebox APK?

This app all time provides you an updated version with its updated features. It is very easy to update the app. You can also update the app by above given link from here or if you are already user of this app you can get the updating notification or you may see the dialog box of update when you open the app, simply you can click on this dialog box the updating will be start. Always enjoy the updated version for more fun or enjoyment.

How to Register or activate the Moviebox?

This app is available in two types one is free or other is paid but the features are same as well. You have choice to registered or activate the app. If you want to use the app as early as possible then you have to need to purchase the activation key. If you want the app free user, then you have to send the email to (moviebox pro Team) and request them to send you an activation code. You can send this message “Please Send Free Activation Key” to support[at] then you can wait for few days after this you will receive activation key freely. You can enter this key or activate your moviebox pro then enjoy this app freely.

Is Moviebox APK pro support Android TV?

Yes, you can easily install this application on your android Led or TV. This is the most amazing feature of this app that anyone can easily avail this or enjoy this on big screen like Led, LCD.

What are the Moviebox alternatives?

There is no need of any alternative app when you have an amazing app which supports every android device. However, if you want alternative then you may install the Moviebox app which is similar to interface. But the Moviebox Pro is the best application having unique features.  

Moviebox APK Pro free registration code:

Android users of this application are very worried about the activation code of this app. You have no need to worry; you can get the activation code free easily by follow the steps carefully or applied these steps.

Moviebox APK Compatible with IOS:

This application is also available on IOS devices but all the versions of IOS are not compatible with this app. The devices which are compatible with it are IOS 8 to latest IOS 13 version or 14 pro versions running iPhone, iPod touch devices.  

  • Size: 36.4 MB
  • Current Version: 6.4
  • Support Version: Android 4.1+
  • Updated Date: 05-07-2020


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