Mario Kart Tour APK

Mario kart tour APK is an amazing but an old racing game. Idea was taken by Nintendo games from their old own game. They develop a game in 1992. This era was not good for gaming. Many games were going unsuccessful at that time. But their idea make fruitful in 31, January, 2018 when the first and beta version of game released for testing in Japan and United states of America. People like their old idea and they got an amazing response from their players. This time was lucky for gamers as many projects were going toward success. People were taking interest in games. Many companies were coming with some interesting ideas in gaming market. At this point Nintendo games took an excellent step to revive their old idea and they finalize a successful game.

Almost 27 years ago Nintendo develop a super famous game named super Mario kart. Super Mario kart was included in first four top selling games. It was a console game. Console games were developed at that time when super Mario kart was developed. Now old games are taking place of older games. Maximum ideas are taken from old games with some changes. A best idea can lead gaming world for long time. Some best games develop emotions with their players. Player’s feelings attached with games as gaming is the entertainment for people. It is a good source to pass time. The latest research found that game opens nervous system and makes players active and fast. They perform their real life activity much cleverly as compared to their age fellows.

Mario Kart Tour APK Overview

There are some amazing games released with interesting and unique ideas in gaming market. These ideas inspired many developers and companies. Angary bird, Buggy racing and Super Mario kart are some those unique and famous games whose leads gaming industry in era of gaming period. While playing these games your goal is to win from other participants either they are real players or game characters. Mario kart tour is a racing game where player needs to apply their skills during racing. They need to defeat their opponent players and got first position by completing track first. You can use different types of power points and bonuses. You can do speed up your character by using power-ups and speed boots. You needs best driving skills to drive your character. Best driving skills can help you to win match.

How to Play Mario Kart Tour?

Like other mobile games, Mario kart tour has vertical directional screen to play. It is an easy way to play on mobile. Finger touch is available to control your Mario kart, not like some other games which use complete mobile rotation physically called Asphalt. There are some changes made in old console version that Mario kart automatically picks speed when some opponent player came near to you or kart collapse with wall. This is easy for players that they did not need to push any key to increase the kart speed.

Characters in Mario Kart Tour APK

Player’s dependency consists on some basic points of any successful game. Characters of game are one major point to make interest to play. Mario Kart tour APK has characters that increase the joy and feel you excited. There are Toadette and toad characters that make it more amazing to play. There are some characters which are locked for creating suspense. Major characters are categorized in three main categories. First is common characters, second rare and third one is super rare characters. Players can unlock their favorite characters by Emerald. There is no effect on speed during race by choosing different type of characters. There are chances to defeat by beginners even if you have super rare character. The only thing that you need to improve is your professional racing skills. If you are expert to take lead using driving expertise than no one can defeat you to win this game. Some further characters are mentioned bellow in three main categories.

  • Super Rare Characters: There are king boo, dry browser, metal Mario and Rosaline included in this category.
  • Rare Characters: Wario, Donkey kong, Luigi, Mario and Daisy are rare characters in this game.
  • Common Characters: Larry troopa, baby luigi, Koopa troopa and baby Mario are some common characters in super Mario kart APK.
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Kart Upgrade

Kart power is depend on its engine type, tires, absorber, shocks and jet. Kart picks speed as engine is powerful. By getting powerful engine kart pick increased and your kart can be speed up by getting more power. Shocks make better jump absorption quality. As shocks are strong less chance to get damage kart. Shocks perform an amazing role in high speed. Tire makes better performance by keeping good contact in between tires and road. It is another better way to maintain speed during racing games. New tires are more comfortable and useful for high speed. Jet helps to achieve high speed during racing. By improving jet, winning chances increased. All the parts mention above takes a big part in racing and winning. By upgrading all available parts in kart makes kart more efficient. Pro user always uses this trick to enhance the chances of winning Mario kart tour APK. It works like a real world entity or vehicle improved by mandatory parts. Kart up gradation is a mandatory part of game. Without improving kart it’s not possible to win any battle. By upgrading mention above parts any user reached near to win this racing war.

Challenges in Mario Kart Tour APK

Each game have different types of challenges, faced by their players. Some challenges are developed for increasing the playing skills of player. Mario Kart tour APK has its own challenges and difficulties. There are some major challenges discussed bellows in this game. The first challenge faced by players is race through rings. Race is difficult if it is not on plane and smooth road. These types of hardships make game difficult and challenging. Do race in ring is a very tricky task. You have to run in a ring. If you perform this task then are lot of chances to defeat opponents. Rocket start is another important challenge in game. In start when a player starts its racing then a boost pushed like rocket. There is another boost in game called do jump boosts. There is a boost available when Mario kart jumps and pick speed. There are chances to lose this boost due to speed. This is another challenge for users. Another important challenge that faces by players is to avoid from collision of different types of objects. You have to save your kart by efficient handling from crashing. If you easily cross this challenge then chances of winning goes high.

Use of Graphics in Mario Kart Tour APK

The success and failure of any game depends on some key points in gaming world. Graphics is back bone of those key points. A player can easily play a game if he/she can see and observe things clearly in game. Mario Kart Tour APK is good graphics game which helps player to play like a pro and watch all objects in game clearly. All characters of game are graphically well designed. Roads and maps are easily identifiable. Any player can enjoy this game due to its amazing features like good graphic representation.

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