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kinemaster pro apk download for android

Kinemaster pro apk is one of the best editing and video making software which is very common nowadays. Everyone want to make vlog or another video for its personal or business use. If you want to post a video on Youtube, Facebook or any other social media and share with your friends, then you need this kinemaster pro apk for editing your videos. You don’t need a video editor or any pro to edit the videos. Just you need to download the kinemaster in your android mobile and make remarkable videos on your smartphone. It is easy and incredible professional editing software. We will come with the pro version of this software for free.

Features of Kinemaster Pro APK

Features of this application are incredible and amazing. We will discuss about some of the features of kinemaster pro apk which is listed below:

1. Multiple layers

This is the basic and important feature of kinemaster pro apk,  in this option you can use unlimited layers of images, videos, Gif and also you can use text as a layer. This will make your video more attractive. In the simple application which is the free version you can find the limited layer of these media, but in the pro version you can get the unlimited layers usage. And you can get the pro version for free in this article below. With the help of this you can edit the videos and make your video more remarkable and incredible.

2. No WaterMark

The most annoying thing in this free version of the kinemaster is he watermark on every video we edit. But if you are using the paid version which we called as kinemaster pro then you have no watermark in the videos. This is just a tactic of the developers to annoy the customer so that the customer will go for the pro version. But don’t worry, you don’t need to buy anything to remove watermark from the videos, we are here for you. Just go down the page and check for the download link which is the modded version of the kinemaster pro apk and you will get the pro version of this for absolutely free, you don’t need to pay anything for that.

3. Support All Versions

Some application work on the latest version of android, they ask you to update the version then the application will run because it is not supported by the current version but if you upgrade the version on old android phone it will slow down your phone or you will get some memory issue. But dun worry if you want to run ths kinemaster pro apk then you don’t need to update the version, this apk will work on any version of the android.

4. Instant Preview Anytime

If you use some of the editing application on android then you absolutely face a problem that when you export the video ou will see many of the mistake, you have to go back to edit and then export again. The process is long and annoy you if you are editing a long video. But kinemaster pro apk comes up with an amazing feature of instant preview anytime. The feature will help you to view the part of the video which you are editing so it makes your task easy and less effort occur on making the video.

5. Background change

The most important and the last feature which we are discussing now is Chroma key. You can change the background in a professional manner with this chroma key. By using this you can change any background image of the video. But bear in mind this feature is only available with the pro version of kinemaster but we will give you the modded version of this apk and you can download the kindmaster pro apk from the below mentioned link.

MOD Info?

  1. Ads are disabled in this versions
  2. you will get pro version
  3. Analytics are also disabled.
  4. You will get full subscription.
  5. There is no watermark on the videos from now.

What does it do?

The apk comes up with the amazing and incredible features where you can edit your videos in a professional and simple way. Your android smartphone become your professional editing software with this kinemaster pro apk. You will get all the features of this apk in pro version and we comes up with the modded version of kinemaster which will give you the pro version for free.

You can edit the photo in multi layer.  Preview your video while editing. And also you will not get any watermark after the editing of the video. You will now become a content creator or v logger by downloading this application and edit in this application with anywhere and anytime.


  • New filter have been added in the current version, some highlights, shadows and gain.
  • You can share your edited video with your loved one with just one click from the kinemaster pro apk to Facebook and Instagram Stories and Feeds
  • You can slow download the video as you shoot the video in slow motion.
  • Some UX/UI design have been changed in the current version.


The apk doesn’t come with a lot of requirement even you can download the app in any android smartphone which has any version and you can download the apk from google play store with the limited feature but if you want the pro version then you need to download the kinemaster pro apk from the below mentioned link.

What is KineMaster Pro APK?

You can get the unlimited feature of this apk in the kinemaster pro apk. Because in the free version you have a watermark and limited number of layers.

Is KineMaster Pro free to use?

Yes it comes with the free and the paid version.

How much does KineMaster Pro cost?

It will give you two option. One is monthly subscription which charge you around 4.99$ and the yearly you got some discount and you will get it in $39.99 but you can download the pro version for free from the below mentioned link.

How do I download KineMaster Pro APK for Android?

Please click on the below mentioned button to downloadthis application.

How install KineMaster Pro APK

Please follow the below mentioned steps to install this app:

Step 1: You need to download the app from NitroApks; You can find the link from above mentioned link.

Step 2: Firstly you need to go to the developer mode mobile setting and turn on the option so that you can install the application. Every android version has its different setting so you have to check the settings from google. In some of the android version you can view the developer mode option by going to the settings> apps> select developer mode and turn it on.

Step 3: Install the app which you downloaded.

Step 4: Enjoy the app.


This is most entertaining and interesting video editing apk on android and it has been downloaded many times on the google play store. You can download the mod version from our website. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you like it and share it with your friends. If you have any problem just go to the contact us page of our website and report us.


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