Ball Blast MOD APK 1.40 (Unlimited Money)

ball blast mod apk

Ball blast Mod APK is very famous and challenging game. Player has to control the running gun and shoot enemies ball. This game is developed by Voodoo. Company is very famous in gaming market as they develop interesting, challenging and surprising games. People are addictive to play Voodoo games as they like and they think that this is an amazing way of time pass. In the end of 2018 Voodoo developer release another interesting game named ball blast. They put a new soul in offline gaming market.

Game is available on android and IOS both platforms. Ball blast Mod APK is totally free and easy to available. If you love to play challenging games than you are at right place. This game proves that you will not waste your time to play.  Voodoo games concept is ball. They design their games with new concept of ball usage. In this game developers design game in this way that there is a running cannon available in game, Player has to control and break all balls. To fire enemy balls makes gamer addict to ball blast Mod APK.

Challenges in Ball Blast Mod APK

This game looks easy but there are some points which make it more difficult. During collection of points it doesn’t depend on size of falling ball. The main challenge is that when ball falls than it turns in multiple balls which can be dangerous for players. There are not only big balls; also small balls are available to hit the head of game player. According to a survey there are 35% players killed by small balls.

How to Play Ball Blast Mod APK?

In this game player only has to control and move running cannon and shoot the balls. Fire power is automatically managed in game. By touching screen of your smart device you can slice right and left to move cannon.

By dragging efficiently you can win the challenges of games. Your enemy is a ball that will fall from sky in game and if player miss the ball to kill than ball can kill player’s cannon. Player has to kill maximum number of balls that will cause to drop less number of balls falling from sky. Player has to kill balls until count reached at zero. 

When these balls will fall on ground they will convert in coins and player will collect these coins to increase their number. Coins will help players to increase their rank and can go on next stage that will more difficult as compared to previous. Shape of ball is round sphere type and ball will not take stand at one place.

There is some sort of elasticity inserted in ball, when it fall and collapse with surface then it take multiple jumps. This is not enough yet, when ball fall on surface then it turns into further two balls. That is more dangerous thing for player as a big ball is dividing further in multiple balls. When player shoots then ball destroyed and changes in bonus coins.

Download Ball Blast MOD APK 1.40


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