Avast Mobile Security Pro APK v6.29.1

avast mobile security pro apk

Avast mobile security pro APK is an antivirus that keeps safe mobile from viruses, malwares and phishing attacks. Avast keeps efficient security and provide virus scanning option to do cleanup against viruses. People believe on antiviruses against virus to protect their useful data. Avast mobile security pro 6.28.1 APK is latest version of antivirus that is easy to use. You need only download this version from bellow link and install it in your device. It will protect your data to being stolen and avoid your cell phone from slowness issues.  This antivirus is developed by Avast software, that is a high reputed company in software industry.

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

It show notifications when some spyware or malware related applications are downloaded on your cell phones. Message pop up on screen to uninstall that specific application or clean up your mobile phone to keep safe your data. It avoids phishing attacks that occur by phone calls, emails, SMS messages and virus infected websites. There is an option of VPN that helps to keep users safe browsing and keep it secure and private. There are lot more features are available in Avast mobile security pro APK.

App Lock

It helps to provide lock facility by protecting phone from physical attack.

Antivirus Scanner

It provides different type of scanning options that collect detail from storage about viruses and format infected material from device.

Picture Vault

Keep secure pictures is very important for everyone. Avast mobile security pro APK provides vault to keep images data safe.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN helps to do safe browsing on internet. It provide information about infected viruses and block them.

Power Save

Most of the time mobile battery wasted due to extra thread running in backend. It helps to close extra threads and save battery life.

Firewall Permission

In rooted mobiles avast provides firewall option to stop non secure access in device.

Wi-Fi Speed Checker

This antivirus also provides the facility to check your internet speed. This is an amazing feature out of the bound.

Increase RAM speed

RAM helps to keep mobile and computer speed fast by providing required detail efficiently to processor. Avast mobile security pro APK boost RAM by removing non relevant data on it. That makes devices fast run.

Wi-Fi Security

It helps to keep your Wi-Fi secure and safe.

Web Shield

It provide web shield to avoid viruses infection from browsers and websites.

Privacy Permission

Privacy permission is mandatory to track applications that which app is using other private apps like contacts, messages and gallery. It indicates these permissions.

Virus Cleanup

Avast mobile pro helps to run a full scan on device and catch different types of viruses.

App Insight

This feature helps to keep track time of using applications. It helps you to monitor application usage. You can keep control on your device by app insight feature.

Junk Cleanup

It removes junk data, getting free cache, deleting thumbnails and do free space by wasting extra data.

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Latest Version Features

Virtual Private Network

It helps you to keep hide your online activities and you can get some benefits like streaming free online by changing location virtually.

Efficient Feature for Anti-theft

There are different types of permissions that application asks during installation time. Avast use these permissions to perform anti-theft activities. There are some permissions discuss bellow.

  • Camera Support secretly capture photos and record audio voices if your phone is theft or stolen.
  • If SIM is changed in device it asks for registration. This feature helps when SIM changed after stolen or mobile is theft.
  • It sends last known location during charged of battery. This feature helps when phone is stolen or theft.
  • You can use app lock for keep secure apps and data. Put lock on required applications. No one can access applications without lock. Lock can be in pattern form, fingerprint or some digits password.
  • Ads are removed in avast security pro APK.
  • Another amazing option in this antivirus is that you can directly contact to avast team by application. It helps you to ask your desired question from avast supporting team.

Antivirus Engine and Scanner

Antivirus scanner and engine perform scan automatically or with some schedule time to protect. User can perform scan any time and it will remove antivirus. It helps to remove malware, viruses, Trojans, spyware and some other dangerous files to protect your mobile phone.

Battery Power Savage

Avast controls battery usage by stoping extra applications and threads running on backend.

Grip on your phone

You can now track your all applications usage time by avast mobile security pro. It helps you to keep check and balance on your smart device.

Graphically Representation

Application is user friendly and easy to use. In new version interface is refreshed. Some bugs are fixed. New version improved its stability. Dark theme is integrated in interface to provide better interface.

Download Avast Mobile Security Pro APK


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